POWER UP! 12 Week Public Speaking & Presentation Course in Barcelona
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POWER UP! 12 Week Public Speaking & Presentation Course in Barcelona

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Welcome to the public speaking and presentation workshop that actually works. Transform the way you work, pitch, present, and communicate with 12 unique modules. Take the full course or pick and choose the topics that suit you best!

This course brings together the skills we hone in improv and theatre and applies them to a professional context in a safe and encouraging setting.

Take the full 12 week course for 350 euros or pick and choose the topics that suit you best at 40 euros a session.

Each week, a practical 2-hour workshop on the weekly theme will be followed by coffee service and a chance to debrief, network, and exchange.

*****Click here to book now: www.barcelonaimprovgroup.com/classes ******

*Do you get nervous talking in public?

*Do you want to work on real life soft skills in a safe space where you can learn new skills, ask your questions and learn from the coaching of our professional teacher?

*Do you want to feel empowered to step out of your comfort zone?

*Do you like the idea of a class capped at 12 people so that everyone has a chance to get hands on, personalised feedback?

Then Power Up is the course for you!

Topics include: Authentic Communication, Managing Expectations, Storytelling, Taking up Space, Risks and Failure, Pitch Perfect, Voice Modulation and more.

Transform the way you work, pitch, present, and communicate. This course in Barcelona brings together the skills we hone in improv and theatre and applies them to a business context in a safe and encouraging setting.


Authentic Communication

The business world has moved beyond the one-size-fits-all model, and companies and clients alike are looking for your unique voice.

Taking Up Space

The loudest ideas aren’t always the best ones, but they are the ones that get heard.

Connect With Your Audience

The more you know who you are talking to, the more you can connect with them, and the more connection you have, the more you will be heard and remembered.

Pitching Perfect

Let’s get down to business. There’s nothing as crucial as the ability to effectively pitch, whether it be an idea, a product, feedback, or the ultimate project - yourself!


In this workshop we will tap into the inherent storyteller within, exploring the logical and emotional progression of narrative storytelling, and how we can build satisfying outcomes together.

Problem Solver

Put it all together and then add in the mistakes, the unexpected questions, and all the things you can’t plan for.

Language Barrier

The way in which we say something and the way in which it gets received can differ hugely.

Stress Buster

Speaking in public is stressful, so let’s put ourselves under the microscope with our pressure testing session.

Risk Taker

If a fear of failure is slowing your momentum then it’s time to face those fears and get risky. This workshop is all about holding control loosely, and making room for unpredictability, intuition and the joy of stepping into the unknown.

Managing Expectations

In our day to day lives we have to manage the difference between what we want to happen and what is realistic.


When we are nervous or excited it is easy for our voice to settle into a comfortable place and stay there.

About the Instructor

Kiva Murphy is the Co-Director of Barcelona Improv Group and an Irish/ French actress who has trained at the prestigious physical theatre Jacques Lecoq in Paris and has been lucky enough to work with some of the most incredible clown, physical theatre and improv teachers from all over the world. She is a professional actress, and has hosted gala events, professional conferences, live television programs, and more.

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